When Shit Hits The Fan

"Well Fuck" - Entire Party

So the party does some simple jobs, they go and try to find a lost man named mercer and find out that mercer was actually with them under an alias for he didn’t want to be found by his father, he wanted to become an adventurer. So they talked to mercer and he is now in the guild and he doesn’t need to stay hidden because all his papers are forged and his dad was sent on a wild goose chase. When they returned back home they decided to chill for a month while Savull and Paarthurnax put up so magic ward to help protect the halls. Near the end of the month Astre wanted to talk to the party, everyone right then, theyall went, obviously it was something important. When they got to Astre’s office she closed and locked the door, party didnt feel too weird at that point. But, then, Astre ripped off part of the wall revealing a massive board of information, about Undvik, and she turned, her eyes rapidly changing colors, and kicked the party down the rabbit hole. The party got up in Undvik’s Realm of Madness, also known, as Wunderland. There the party had challenges and tasks to complete. The party wen through this realm and as they went they slowly lost themselves, in multiple ways. Asses kicked, bodies and minds tormented, they made it to a near the end, then, they had to fight undvik’s right hand man, he was going to kill us all, as some of us werent even gonna have a soul, we had certain death. But then, a portal opened up, we peered inside we saw aster summoning it and a man jump out wearing a trench coat. He got hit by the blast meant for another party member, the man, was Tiberius, Aidens father, Aiden was angerery, his inner demons came out, or should i say demon came out, and he destroyed the man that cause us so much pain and killed Tibbs. Now the party, beaten and bloodied, had one last room to finish, and i there, was Undvik, the asshole, god of madness. The party entered expecting a hard fight but then Undvik became more of an ass and spun a wheel instead to see who would get to fight him, doom started to fall over us. Only 3 were allowed to fight, so naturally Paarth the ex follower of Undvik, and Aiden the boy with a raging vengeance joined, and the third was Chrono the Broken Assassin. The odds seemed so against them, there friends couldn’t help, it was just the 3 of them, then, Sirius showed up, Paarth’s new god, and well shit went down, and the whole party and a god worked together and took down the god of madness. The party returned home afterwards, the stepped through a portal from Sirius. They expected to come out maybe a few days later, but they were so wrong, it had been 6 years since anyone has seen them, people were losing hope, then the party stepped into the dinning hall, during dinner and for some a happy reunion, for some an emotional one, for some, not much reunion at all, but everyone was happy to be back. Everyone went and did there things, they needed to do, saying hi the people they missed so much. The adventurer’s now decide to take a break, a well deserved one after fighting a god. What will happen in the coming months will there break be cut short or will it go great, after the break what will they do next. We will have to wait and findout.


NerdyBox WilliceP90

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