• Mortius Velic

    Mortius Velic

    Nerdy son of Chrono the leader of the Monus populi guild. Training to become an adventurer using his knowledge to help become a wizard in the school of necromancy.
  • Aiden Septimus

    Aiden Septimus

    A vigalante with a dark secret and a love of freeunning
  • Astre Cerezi

    Astre Cerezi

    A crass and pridfull warrior of questionable sexuality
  • Braggers


    A REALLY bad spy
  • Chrono Velic

    Chrono Velic

    The new leader of monus populi, creater of free electricity and new age inventor, married to Karisha and have a son named Mortius a promising wizard.
  • Cragstin Shorster

    Cragstin Shorster

    Badass we thought was bad but now think is good.
  • Crystal Snow

    Crystal Snow

    The daughter of shira
  • Davian Shorster

    Davian Shorster

    Badass we thought was good but now think is bad.
  • Don Velic

    Don Velic

    The Astral Warrior, The Rip in Time, Chrono's Father
  • James Leroy

    James Leroy

  • Jinx Leroy

    Jinx Leroy

    BOOM v2
  • Karisha Baline

    Karisha Baline

    Commoner who turned to the blade after being targetted by a crime syndicate.
  • Keira Metz

    Keira Metz

    The secret lover and pack beta to Vulk
  • Keylith Dendrin

    Keylith Dendrin

    The daughter of Legendary gunslingers Krackle and Miyuki
  • Krackle Dendrin

    Krackle Dendrin

    A legendary gunslinger and keyliths father
  • Lothad


    A quiet and distant paladin.
  • Mercer Stormraven

    Mercer Stormraven

    One of the new recruits to the guild
  • Nettles


    The worlds most amazing and slightly mysterious butler
  • Paarthurnax


    A cleric that broke his oath to protect his friends.
  • Sapphire


    Chrono's mother and the old leader of the guild before davian took her life in the great war
  • Sean Gilmore

    Sean Gilmore

    Uncle Gilmore. A clearly gay magician
  • Shira Snow

    Shira Snow

    The old leader of the coalition.